2019 Student Survey

Hot off the presses! The 2019 Student Survey Report is now complete.

Quick Facts:

  • 2019 is the seventh student survey, conducted every three years since 2001
  • 1950 students were surveyed in the Fall semester of 2019 - 10% of the SRJC student population, in randomly-selected, in-person courses
  • 41 Questions in 2019, making this the longest student survey yet
  • Questions include self-reported demographics, access to campus and services, communication, retention, engagement & diversity, as well as institutional learning outcomes
  • Click on the image above for the complete report



Why is this survey administered?  This is a way for SRJC to measure student experiences both within SRJC and in their outside lives, and better understand the challenges and successes that are common for the student body. In addition, the section on Institutional Learning Outcomes is required as part of the accreditation process.  

Who administers this survey? SRJC Student Services commissions the survey every three years. A team of SRJC faculty, staff, and management review and edit the survey to reflect any changes that may have occurred in the last three years. The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) distributes the survey to 10% of courses (randomly selected). Faculty administer the survey in class. OIR receives all completed surveys, scans, and tabulates the responses, culminating in the above 42-page report.  

Why is the survey done on paper and in class? To get a sample that is reflective of ALL SRJC students, the survey must be conducted on paper to reduce selection bias. In class is the most effective way of collecting this information from a wide variety of students from all backgrounds and of all abilities. While it is a challenge for faculty to take time out of their classes to conduct the survey, it collects valuable information that is used college-wide to understand the successes of our programs and areas in which we might be able to improve. 


For more information on the Student Survey, contact:

Megan Rhodes, Office of Institutional Research, mrhodes@santarosa.edu, (707) 778-4191