Surveys & Reports

The Santa Rosa Junior College Office of Institutional Research is tasked with conducting surveys for both the college and the State Chancellor's office. For more information on the Statewide CTE Employment Outcomes Survey, go to the CTEOS page.

OIR runs various types of surveys for SRJC. There is the all-college Student Survey conducted every three years, used in both the accreditation process and in tracking Students' experiences over the long term. 

Other surveys are conducted by request by various departments, and have been created for faculty, staff, and management alike. If you have a survey you would like OIR to conduct for you, visit the Submit a Ticket link to submit your request.


Student Survey Graphic

Student Survey

The SRJC Student Survey is conducted every three years to assess long term changes in our student population. Started in 2001, it is a paper survey distributed anonymously to 10% of the student population in in-person classes, and includes demographic and experience questions. Last conducted in 2019, the questions are kept as consistent as possible to allow for multi-year analyses. Below are the last four years of the survey instrument and accompanying reports. For previous years' surveys, please contact OIR


Survey Instrument Survey Report
2019 Instrument 2019 Report
2016 Instrument 2016 Report
2013 Instrument 2013 Report
2010 Instrument 2010 Report